What we are about! How to donate?

This is a non-profit organization started just for birthmoms!! We are an official non-profit meaning we pay those dumb checks to the IRS. yuck!
At the beginning of every semester we will accept applications for the available scholarships.

To be able to hand out scholarships we need donations. Our first two semesters we did amazing!! These last few semesters we haven't been able to do much. Even a 5 dollar donation can do something. All the funds can be made by businesses or individuals. Even if only 100 people donated 20 dollars each that is 2 x 1000 dollar scholarships.

The scholarships are exclusively for girls who have placed their babies for adoption.

All the funds can be donated by check or to paypal (we are working on getting an account at a bank...we can't decide which one to use ) Paypal donations can be made to jessalynn.speight@gmail.com put in the subject line Scholarships 4 Birthmothers Donation.

Everyone who donates will have their name and a link to their site or information or it can be done anonymously.

For more information email