Friday, November 18, 2011


We are now accepting applications!

How did we get here you ask!!??

Jared and Devin Payne---hoping to adopt

Sally and Brigham Fordham---hoping to adopt

Cydnee and Ryan Jones--just adopted a beautiful baby girl!

Shane and Megan Hilton--amazing couple who are HUGE supporters of Scholarships4Birthmothers

Marcie Uleman--Dont have a blog link but an amazing person who donated a large chunk of what we needed to gather!

Marisa Stringham--an awesome birthmom advocate!

Melissa Prins--Also don't have a link but made an awesome donation as well!!!

last but not least!!

Ashley Mitchell with Blessings in a Basket--an amazing organization totally worth checking out!

Go comment on their blogs...find them on facebook! Tell them thank you for supporting birthmothers!

So go to our : How to Apply tab and find out how to turn your application in!! READ VERY CAREFULLY!

Applications need to be in by DECEMBER 20... that is not very much time!! so hurry hurry!!

Also...note...i will most likely not be able to update who won on the blog for a while because i am due to give birth around that check your emails ever so carefully. it will come from

PS. We are always accepting donations...small or get us ready for next semester!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

We are close!

We are sooo close in 2 different areas actually....

1. Our website is almost done being beautified!!!


2.  We are 250 dollars away from being able to offer a scholarship for Spring Semester!! i was worried we weren't going to be able to but there is a BIG possibility we will!! All we need is some more donations! Remember if you donate we will list you as a donor and include a link to your business or website!!!
Help us out!!! Even 10 dollars can make a difference (thats the cost of a movie, Cafe Rio, etc)

If you would like to donate visit our how to make a donation tab or email

Tis the Season!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Scholarships 4 Birthmothers has been seriously hurting lately!!!! We have had a serious decrease in donations therefore a serious decrease in our ability to hand out scholarships. It breaks my heart.

So ... in order to start earning some more money we are going to have a website re-vamp!! Also we will be adding some new members to our board. We will have an increase in advertising and trying to raise awareness!

If you are interested in donating please let me know

If you are interested in helping out with advertising and raising awareness email me as well!!

You will see lots of changes coming up!! YAY!!!